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GUPTA'S Linux Database Solution Certified Novell Ready
GUPTA to Demonstrate Cross Platform Rapid Application Development at LinuxWorld Boston 2005
GUPTA Revolutionizes Application Development Announcing RAD Tool for Linux Business Applications
GUPTA Releases RAD Cross Platform Development Tool
Internal Communication Strategy by Axero Solutions
LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in Boston
CeBIT 2005
   In just a few years Linux has become a strong mainstream market player in the server operating systems market.
Leading market research firms such as IDC and Gartner predict continuing strong growth for Linux in the server market.
Leadership and innovation in SQLBase 9.0 and Team Developer 2005.

GUPTA's CTO, Chuck Stevenson, explains why Cross-Platform Development and Deployment leads to increased business success and what benefits customers get from upgrading to the latest releases of Team Developer and SQLBase.

Bayer AG Bayer uses a Team Developer application to manage all data about the chemical substances and products that are part of their production processes. The system is highly integrated with many Bayer back office systems such as SAP, DB2, and Notes. Team Developer allowed fast development, team management and configuration management as well as offering the necessary openness to integrate several other existing systems.

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